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Jeanette Servin

California Licensed Professional Fiduciary 

Jeannette Servin has specialized in applying and maintaining Medi-Cal and Social Security benefits for all San Diego Legal Assistants and Premiere Fiduciaries’ clients since 2003.


Jeannette handles estate administration projects pertaining to case related issues and coordinates with staff for timely filing of legal documents with San Diego Superior Court. Jeannette is also responsible for tracking tax forms and keeping accurate records of filed returns as well as resolving tax related issues with Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board for all clients.


Jeannette is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary. Jeannette has served as Vice-President and President of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC) and is involved with San Diego Special Needs Trust Foundation where she reviews and approves distributions for beneficiaries, coordinates with Financial Advisors on investment of beneficiary funds as well as establishing budgets for beneficiaries based on the Special Needs Trust income and meeting with beneficiaries upon funding of the Special Needs Trust.


Jeannette earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at University of San Diego. Jeannette is also registered as Tax Preparer with California Tax Education Council. 

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