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Hermie Moscoso


Herminia Y. Moscoso better known as “Hermie” migrated from the Philippines in 1975. Before moving to the United States, Hermie, a licensed Attorney, worked with Justice Salvador Esguerra at the Supreme Court of the Philippines as one of his legal researchers, drafting decisions which became case law. Prior to joining the Supreme Court, Hermie worked as Private Secretary/Legal Assistant to the Minority Floor Leader of the House of Representatives.


In 1988, Hermie joined San Diego Legal Assistants. Hermie coordinated with the care managers regarding establishment of pre needs. She led the team in meeting the requirements for a successful audit by the Bonding Services and the Social Security Administration.


Hermie handles more complex case management including review of documentation and referrals from attorneys and/or hospitals. As part of case management, she interacts with the attorneys, court investigators, probate examiners and/or the probate referees. Hermie assists the attorneys with preparation of judicial council forms, drafting of declarations and sending out notices.


Hermie earned a Bachelor of Laws, Cum Laude at University of Nueva Caceres, Philippines and a Bachelor of Arts at the University of the Philippines. She also attended to University of San Diego where she earned a Legal Assistant Certificate with Honors.

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