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Case Management

  • Money management

  • Medical management

  • Household maintenance 

  • Transportation

  • Home care

Premiere Fiduciaries assists clients, families and loved ones in carrying out essential life decisions as well as day to day activities through case management. We help in money management including insurance paperwork and preparation and submission of health and human services documents and communications. 


Families can rely on the professionally licensed and bonded fiduciaries at Premiere Fiduciaries in San Diego to coordinate services that include medical, in-home assistance, home repairs, downsizing, pet care and transportation. We help to ensure your loved one’s quality of life reaches its highest potential through effectiveness and true concern. 


Each case Premiere Fiduciaries manages receives an evaluation. We perform a personalized assessment of clients and their home environment to determine their specific needs. When necessary, we find home caregivers or alternative living arrangements through service providers that have a proven track record for high quality and reliable care. We will arrange for medical appointments and regularly consult with medical professionals including doctors, dentists and pharmacies to coordinate services. We can also assist in moving a client to or from a care community. 


Frequently, our clients are eligible for public benefits which can help supplement their income to offset living expenses. We will complete and submit claim applications for Social Security, SSI, SSDI, Medicare and MediCal and, if necessary, we will appeal the denial of benefits.


Premiere Fiduciaries protects our vulnerable clients ensuring you and your family can stop worrying by knowing we are committed to the interest of your loved one. Our case management offers the care and attention required for elderly or special needs persons with compassion, experience and the professionalism of a licensed fiduciary. 

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