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Elizabeth S. Del Pozo

Founder of Premiere Fiduciaries
California Licensed Professional Fiduciary 

Elizabeth S. del Pozo, (aka Betsy), California Licensed Professional Fiduciary, founded San Diego Legal Assistants in 1977 to provide paralegal services to the legal community of San Diego which would evolve into Premiere Fiduciaries.


In 1980, Betsy began providing fiduciary services to a broad spectrum of clients. In that time, Betsy has served as Trustee of simple and complex Trusts, including Special Needs, Educational and Insurance Trusts, Conservator of Persons and Estates, Guardian of Minors’ Estates, Guardian ad Litem, Personal Representative of Decedents’ Estates and as Agent under Financial Powers of Attorney and Advance Directives.

Betsy provides Fiduciary Services in numerous of situations, including managing and marketing for a variety of businesses both in the U.S. and abroad. She also manages clients’ intricate and challenging personal and medical issues. Betsy serves as an interim and temporary Fiduciary in matters involving litigation and disputes as well as working closely with numerous other professionals in related fields to provide efficient and successful resolution to complex issues. 

Betsy is a Charter Member of the San Diego Chapter of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California. She has served as President, Vice President and State Board Representative of the local chapter. Betsy is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary (License #32) and Registered National Guardian.  

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